Strengthlete Starter Package

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Repair and Complete, two protein tools that have taken us years to create and perfect.

Repair is to be used post workout to reduce muscle soreness and cravings for ice cream at 11pm. If you use Repair over the next 30 days, it will help you to:

  • Reduce your ice cream cravings at 11pm
  • Reduce achy muscles and soreness after hard or long workouts
  • Help trim unwanted body fat

Complete, an all-purpose protein mix that keeps your nutrition balanced, even when you don’t have the time. If you use Complete over the next 30 days, here’s how things will change for you -- it will help you:

  • Stay away from the vending machine
  • Avoid the 2pm crash and stay focused through the afternoon
  • Get a balanced meal, even when you are on the go

Strengthlete Starter Package

$ 75.00