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Measurements Made Easy

The trickiest part of tracking is when you are eating out and trying to estimate the portions on your plate. No worries, we got you! We have done all the heavy lifting for you.

There is wayyyy too much guilt associated with pizza these days. Use the above to make pizza a healthy part of your routine

We don't believe doughnuts are a guilty pleasure. Build options, not restrictions

Chicken nuggets shouldn't be left in childhood.

Why does cheese get such a bad rap in the dieting world? Build options not restrictions

Superbowl parties are fun but how do you track your macros when the nutrition label isn't in front of you?

Cookies are a staple of every holiday party and work function. Guilt shouldn't be. Build options not restrictions

Fats can be the trickiest number to plug at the end of the day. Use a golf ball to make a best estimate.

You're not gonna have a food scale everywhere you go. Use your phone to estimate your macros

Nuts and seeds are a great snack, but how do you measure them on the go?

Bagels are only for the high-metabolism teenage years, right? WRONG! Just track it.

We've received a lot of demand for this cheat sheet. Use the above to estimate your macros.

Which type of fish is best? It depends. Stop using the labels of "good" and "bad." Just track it

Nobody carries measuring cups to a restaurant. Use your hand to estimate your veggie side dishes during the next night on the town.

Having a continental breakfast at the marriot during your trip? Use your hand as a guide to track your cereals

Tacos aren't just for Tuesdays.

Keep brunch guilt free. Build options not restrictions

Which bars are best? It depends. Let's go beyond the wrapper and break these down into the fundamental parts: Protein, carbs, and fat