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Beyond the Healthy Choice

Its natural to look for a "healthy" alternative to the foods that you love. We have dedicated a ton of time an effort to bring you behind the healthy choice. In this section, we go behind the shiny wrappers, the buzzwords, and claims to bring you the FACTS. Is your healthy choice really healthier? Let's find out!

Reaching for a granola bar as a healthy snack? Bet you didn't realize it has the same amount of carbs as a kit kat!

It's common to switch to "healthy" chips when you start dieting, but appearances can be deceiving. Ruffles are the same as Farmhouse Culture.

LaraBar is a staple of healthy snacks. It's only made with a few ingredients which makes it seem like a much better alternative. Little did you know it stacks up pretty close to a doughnut.

What's more natural than bacon and eggs? Everyone seems to be skipping on the bacon because it is high in fat. But bacon and eggs go together well for a reason.

We've gotten crucified for this one on Instagram. Sugar is sugar. Your fruit loops may not be as bad as you think they are.

If you love peanut butter as much as we do, don't feel bad about grabbing the M&M's for an afternoon snack instead of the JimmyBar. Clean snacking doesn't mean weight loss.

We caught some heat for this one, but when it comes to losing weight, Larabar doesn't equal salvation. Snickers should always have a place in our lives.

We all are in a rush in the morning, but think twice about what makes a "healthy" breakfast. The cheesy burrito has the same nutrition as the Starbucks Box.

No, you won't catch on fire if you switch to white bread for lunch today.

Dried fruit is great, but you know what has the same amount of carbs … gummy bears.

Yes, we all know bananas have more potasium than Twizzlers, but when it comes to losing weight, carbs are just carbs.

Doritos are not the devil. They have the same nutrition as your non-gmo rice chips.

Looks can be deceiving...

C'mon, salads for lunch every day is BORING. Pizza is one of the main food groups, right?

This one is gonna sting. "Healthy" juice doesn't mean weightloss. Sugar is Sugar.

We didn't believe this at first either. Looks like granola doesn't automatically mean weight loss.

We all love Cheez Its. So let's put them back on the menu.

Don't feel guilty about choosing the burger over the RX bar. Were you as surprised as us when you saw how close the nutrition is?

Variety is a cornerstone of afternoon snacks. It's ok to sub out the Kashi bars with M&Ms here and there.

Sugar is just sugar, people.

During a busy day, we've all thought about grabbing a couple of "health" bars instead of going out for lunch. But did you know that two of these is the same as a burrito?

Fries are for a highschool metabolism... better stick with the "health" bar, right? Not according to our calculations. Let's put fries back on the menu.

Candy bars shouldn't only be reserved for Halloween. This may hurt for some of you, but those Kind breakfast bars have about the same amount of macronutrients as a Payday.

Just because it says "ceasar wrap," doesn't mean it makes you lose weight. Let's build options, not restrictions.

Kind bars get boring when you eat them everyday. Channel your inner child with a grilled cheese sandwich.

Salads shouldn't be the only option for lunch at the office, especially when they have the same nutritional value as a hamburger.

Ok, we probably received just as much flak for this as our white bread post. Guess what, switching to brown rice doesn't automatically mean weight loss. Think about that next time you're at Chipotle.

Why does everybody worship sweet potatoes? Hate to break it to you, but 1 ounce of these is the same as an ounce of Pringles.